TexasInmateRosters.org is a website that is a part of the Johnny Ex, Inc. family of websites.

Each of the State Inmate Rosters websites are committed to providing accurate and detailed information about all adult city and county jails and detention centers in the United States.

JailExchange.com, also a member of the Johnny Ex Inc. family of websites provides information about the city and county jails, city and county juvenile detention centers, state prisons, federal prisons, ICE detention centers, and jails on Bureau of Indian Affairs reservations.

TexasInmateRosters.org is joined by 50 other state websites, providing complete information about every jail in each state.

Everything from inmate search and roster help, visitation schedules, policies and guidelines, inmate phone services, mail instructions, how and where to send money, commissary instructions, and how to text and email an inmate and rent tablets for them, is covered.

And not generalized and generic information that leads the user in circles, but specific information on each of the inmate services and how they work.

We’ve been where you are now. We understand the fear and anxiety of not knowing how to help someone who has been arrested, and what to expect next.

We hope you find the information on TexasInmateRosters.org useful. We built this website for everyone; those who know nothing, those who know some, and even those who know a lot about the arrest and jailing process. We believe that the information we are providing goes far and above anything else you find in books or on the internet.

Feel free to let us know your thoughts about our website, or information we should be providing that you believe needs to be added to our already comprehensive content.